Beaulieu of America Carpets

When searching for new carpets, many homeowners end up feeling overwhelmed at the amount of options that are available these days. However, it is crucial that the correct product be chosen according to where it is going to be installed, as this will ensure that maximum usage is obtained from the carpet for as long as possible afterwards. Beaulieu of America manufactures four different high quality carpet products.

  1. Innovia Xtreme Clean Carpet

These carpets are manufactured with Innotex, which is a natural-based fiber that provides a highly plush feeling underfoot. The built-in stain protection technology will also never wear away, regardless of how often the carpet requires cleaning. These carpets can usually be cleaned by only using plain water and they are also fade and stain-resistant. Unique pet-friendly technology ensures that odors and accidents are not absorbed into the fibers.

  1. Resista Carpet

Carpets in this range are not only extremely durable; they are available in richer, brighter colors, textures and styles than most other carpets. Technology used to manufacture their fibers has been designed to repel liquid, meaning that spills are easy to mop up. They remain soft and do not fade over time, and these carpets carry a 10 year, no exclusion warranty against all types of beverage and food stains.

  1. Stainmaster

This range consists of four products, namely TruSoft, Active Family, PetProtect and Livewell. TruSoft carpets feel luxuriously soft underfoot and they maintain their appearance for many years. Products in the Active Family range are highly durable, but still comfortable underfoot. PetProtect carpeting has in-built stain and fade resistance, and carpets in the Livewell range have been engineered to repel allergy-aggravated particles, meaning that more of them can be vacuumed up than with other carpet types.

  1. Tigressá Soft Style Carpets

The ultra fine fibers in these carpets render them extremely comfortable underfoot, while also providing them with a luxurious appearance. This carpet’s micro strands also help ensure that wear is distributed evenly to prevent matting and crushing, and they have also been manufactured from recyclable materials. These carpets will also not fade, as they get older.

When choosing any of the carpets in the Beaulieu of America range, you will be assured of getting excellent quality and products that will make your home look fabulous. After installation, it is recommended that your carpets be professionally cleaned once a year to keep them looking good.

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