Milliken Carpeting

All Milliken carpeting products are manufactured in the USA from a combination of New Zealand wool, WearOn Nylon and in-built soil protection. This range of carpeting products places significant emphasis on its styles, patterns and colors and they have been specifically designed to last a long time and hide stains, foot traffic impressions, spots and even vacuum marks with ease. Below is a little information on the different Milliken carpet ranges.


These offer a range of traditional styles, enabling them to add a degree of elegance and warmth to virtually any room. Each design is available in between two to six different color combinations and all of them have been manufactured with WearOn Nylon.


This range consists of textured, soft patterns that are able to complement almost any contemporary or traditional environment. There are 18 patterns to choose from, with each of them having between six and twenty color options to select from.


The eight designs in this range have been inspired by Persian, Jacobean, Oriental and Isfahan designs, meaning that they have somewhat of a more formal style. Each design is available in between seven and 10 colors, all of which are crafted from WearOn Nylon.


These carpets offer customers a range of contemporary and traditional patterns, including berry designs, floral patterns and basket weaves.


Carpets in this range are made from WearOn nylon and can be purchased in between three and 10 different colors, depending on which range is selected. Patterns lean towards the more traditional trellis and floral patterns.

Patter Mates II

These carpets can be purchased in 40 oz. and 55 oz. weight options and they are manufactured from 100% nylon frieze. Their multicolored fleck designs are intended to complement some of the company’s patterned options, as well as several other types of flooring.


This carpet collection consists of various geometric and organic patterns that have been inspired by contemporary scrolls and botanical aspects. Between four and eight color options are available and all of them have been manufactured from WearOn Nylon.

A pre-soil spray, dry cleaning product and a spot eliminator are recommended for keeping the Milliken carpets looking good for as long as possible. However, it is also recommended that you have them cleaned professionally once every 12 to 18 months. This will prevent any form of permanent soiling and staining from occurring.

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