Mohawk Carpeting

When buying carpet products these days, property owners are certainly spoiled for choice because there are more than just different piles and colors to choose from. Mohawk Carpets are no different – in fact, this company provides quite an extensive range of top quality carpeting products at excellent prices.

Two Lines of Carpeting Products

Mohawk currently offers two different lines of carpeting products:

  • The Customweave Collection, which offers 59 different styles of carpet products
  • The Floorscape Collection, which provides customers with more than 250 different options to choose from

These carpets are available in virtually every shade of color, including pastel tones. Both of these product lines have additional choices with regards to stain resistance, fiber types and various environmentally friendly creations.

Environmental Impact

This company is known for manufacturing EverStrand, which is a specific type of carpeting fiber that has been created from recycled plastic bottles. Each year, the company buys more than 200 million pounds of plastic bottles. From there, they are recycled into plastic chips, melted into plastic resin and then used to produce carpet fiber strands. This carpeting is made in collaboration with DuPont and it also makes use of fibers that have been manufactured from corn sugar.

Notable Features

Mohawk uses Scotchgard’s Advanced Repel technology to help prevent its carpeting products from becoming heavily soiled or stained over time. This treatment is able to repel liquids and resist staining, making these carpets an excellent choice for homes that experience high foot traffic or have pets and children living in them.

Another great feature that can be found with these carpets is that they can be installed with their own additional padding known as Smart Cushion. This is used to help improve the feel of the carpeting underfoot, making it softer and more comfortable than many other brands on the market. Customers who agree to purchase a Smart Cushion at the same time as they buy carpeting will instantly be provided with an additional 20 years’ warranty on their purchase.

The warranty you will receive on your Mohawk carpeting will depend which product you decide to purchase. However, most of the products in the company’s range are covered against aspects such as fading, staining, wear, soiling and any manufacturing defects that may arise for up to twenty years after the date of purchase. This makes all Mohawk products a great choice when searching for carpeting.

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