Stainmaster Carpeting

Stainmaster Carpet Products

The sheer amount of colors, types, styles and piles that are available in carpet products these days means that many property owners struggle to make the right choice when purchasing it. However, when choosing any of the Stainmaster carpet products, you will not only be assured of a wide range of carpeting options; all of these products are of an extremely high quality as well. Below is information on a few of the more popular Stainmaster products.

  1. Stainmaster PetProtect

Pets are an important part of many families and as such, they need to be considered when purchasing carpeting as well. The Stainmaster PetProtect range has been specially designed to be extremely color safe and resistant to fading. This means that they can be cleaned without having to worry about damage being caused. These carpets also help reduce pet odors, are resistant to pet fur and exceptionally durable.

  1. Stainmaster LiveWell

These carpets have been manufactured with pet- and kid safe AllerShield technology that helps prevent allergens from clinging to the fibers. This allows them to easily be vacuumed up – in fact, up to 90% more allergens can be vacuumed off these carpets than most other brands. The LiveWell range is also highly resistant to stains.

  1. Stainmaster Active Family

Carpets in this range have been formulated to be exceptionally durable and resistant to soiling and stains. They are also extremely easy to keep clean, making them an ideal choice for active families with young children. The Active Family carpet range will remain looking good for many years if correctly cared for.

  1. Stainmaster TruSoft

If your top priorities in carpeting are comfort and softness, Stainmaster’s TruSoft range is the perfect solution. These carpets are not only extremely comfortable underfoot; they are also known for being highly durable. As with other carpets in the company’s range, these are also resistant to staining and soiling. The TruSoft carpets also maintain their original appearance for a long time after being installed.

After installing any of the above-mentioned carpets from the Stainmaster range, it is essential to always follow care and maintenance instructions carefully. Not only will this enable your carpets to look good for many years afterwards; it will also help ensure that your warranty will be maintained over time. It is strongly recommended that you have your new carpets professionally cleaned once a year – or more often if you have pets living indoors.

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