TrafficMaster Carpeting

When searching for carpeting to install in a home or business property, not many people give much thought to carpet tiles. However, these can provide a highly affordable alternative to more expensive wall-to-wall carpeting. TrafficMaster produces a great range of carpet tile products that are suitable for almost any indoor- and sometimes outdoor – location.

An Environmentally Friendly Option

Polyester that is used to manufacture the TrafficMaster tiles is fully Eco-Fi recycled. This means that you will be able to install them with peace of mind in knowing that they are environmentally friendly. These tiles are also extremely easy to install by using a simple pee land stick system, meaning that they can be placed on your flooring in a DIY capacity in some cases.

TrafficMaster carpet tiles are also known for being unpadded, lightweight and of a low profile design, meaning that they can be used in several different areas including porches, basements, gym rooms, bedrooms or virtually anywhere else that affordable carpeting may be required.

At present, TrafficMaster provides three different types of Carpet Tiles:

  • Hobnail Carpet Tile – These are manufactured by using a hardwearing hobnail needle punch design and they are suitable for indoor and outdoor use. These come in six color option and are sold in boxes of 36 square feet of carpet tiles
  • Ribbed Carpet Tile – These tiles feature a ribbed needle punched construction to ensure that they last a long time. They are available in six colors and come in boxes 36 square feet of tiling
  • FanMats team Tiles – These carpet tiles are made to order and can be manufactured with various team logos on them. A lead time of approximately 21 days is required to order these and they are available for several different baseball, football and college sports teams

Another advantage of placing TrafficMaster carpet tiles on floors is that they are easy to clean and care for. They can simply be swept or vacuumed regularly to keep them clean. All of the company’s carpet tiles in this range carry a one year limited warranty for manufacturing defects that may arise.

Before laying carpet tiles, it is essential to ensure that the flooring they are being laid on is clean and even. This will enable them to be laid properly, while also lessening the risk of them peeling or lifting over time. Always follow the manufacturers instructions regarding installation and care.

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